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When it comes to finding a range of materials for your home that can be used for both decorative or practical purposes, the first material that pops into most peoples’ mind is acrylic. Acrylic sheets are generally favoured among many thanks to their versatility of use and durability.

If you are looking to get your hands on a range of acrylic sheets, we at JMworkx in Mosta can present you with the ideal material for your needs.

Acrylic sheets can be used for a wide array of solutions, and are popular when it comes to the creation of construction or architecture structures, such as ceilings, facade and to create skylights. Due to their quality, these sheets are sometimes also used in aquariums, glasshouses, bus shelters and sports stadiums.

Since acrylic is a thermoplastic material, it can be cut in pretty much any shape, size or thickness. This versatile material can also be presented to you in a wide array of finishes, including mirrored, anti-reflective, frosted or opaque.

If you are looking for a material that is weather and impact resistant, durable to a number of extreme environments, and UV resistant, acrylic sheets are the ideal choice for you. Acrylic sheets are steadily becoming a favourite among many people over traditional glass. This is due to the fact that the material in itself is recyclable, lighter and much safer to use in homes or public spaces.

More about our Company

More about our Company

We at Jmworkx can also present you with installation, maintenance, cutting, bending, engraving and polishing solutions when it comes to acrylic sheets. Contact us today for more info on our range of solutions and products.

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Whether you are a DIY enthusiast looking for your next project, or you are seeking a better and more environmentally friendly alternative to glass for your home or public establishment, we at Jmworkx have got the perfect solution for you.

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